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M-Yachts began its operations in a garage in the municipality of Pernaja, Finland, in 1988. As the operations grew in size, the company leased premises in the Långholmen district of Loviisa from the Loviisan Veneveistämö boatyard. With the further expansion of the operations and the higher number of staff, it soon became necessary to obtain larger facilities.

In 2004, M-Yachts acquired an old dock that had been constructed for the payment of war reparations. The dock, owned by a company called Valkon Laiva, had stood vacant for years.

The major challenge during the first summer was to clear and clean the area and the buildings and to modify them to suit the operations. The office building next to the large hall was converted into a boat building shop by removing a third of the middle section of the building’s second floor. At the same time, new, large doors were built in the building in order to enable larger vessels to be moved indoors. 

The heated storage building was also equipped with a larger doorway to enable the transport of larger boats. A new boiler plant was acquired and installed to heat the building.

As the area did not contain a safe pier for the operations, a new wooden one was built. A number of buoys were also acquired.

The construction of a new storage facility began the following year to supplement the older Pressuhalli building.

Soon after the operations had begun, it became apparent that the dockyard needed its own, larger lifting device. In the spring of 2005, the dockyard received a Valmet timber loader, which was converted to be able to lift boats. Little by little, new piers were added. Mafi terminal tractors were adopted to facilitate moving the boats. Initially, a batch of about fifty was acquired. The roof of the heated storage facility was repaired and covered with new felt.

Once the new building was complete, the dockyard boasted 1,300 m2 of additional storage capacity.

The development of the area continued, and a maintenance building was constructed on the shore with a mast shelter connected to it. During this time, the lifting pier was also improved considerably, and a new pier was added.

In 2008, the lower roof of the heated storage facility received a new cover. The old wooden facility was covered with sheet metal. A long-awaited washroom for the customers was also constructed.

The goal for the coming years is to complete the work on the shoreline, which is already quite far along. This will further facilitate moving and maintaining boats on the shore.

The boat building shop has been active alongside these development and renovation activities the whole time. 

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